About Us

Winstar Nightwatch Kennel is a corporation constituted and certified by the State Department of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, under the commercial name of Winstarpr. We are breeders dedicated to the preservation of the genetics of the working Malinois.

We offer breeding, training and maintenance of dogs utilized in protection, security, search and rescue or simply as a loyal mascot. Our excellent quality service also includes state of the art advances in microchip technology utilized in the identification of animals.


Breeding and training of high quality Belgium Malinois specialized in the art of personal protection, security , search and rescue, detection and/or Ring sports.


The development of a strong line of working dogs suitable for personal and governmental security requirements. These dogs will be known for their courage, loyalty and versatility.


The Winstar Nightwatch Kennel prides itself in its’ core values which are evident in all personal and business arenas.


Our interactions with our customers are based on facts. We are forthright in all information about our dogs.


We are dedicated to the breeding of healthy, well-balanced, strong dogs.


Our number one priority is our dogs. We assure that each one is given the nutrition, exercise, training and love that they deserve.