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Welcome to the official website of Winstar Nightwatch Kennel, Inc. breeding and training center for the working dog. Our corporation currently has two divisions. One operates under the commercial name Winstarpr. This division is dedicated to the breeding and sales of Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. It provides private training in basic / advanced obedience, and personal /area protection. It also provides animal identification with microchips and/or tattoos.

The second division operates under the commercial name Winstarpr K9. This division provides training and certification of canines in: narcotics, firearms, and explosives detection; tracking, and search and rescue. These services are certified by the American Working Dog Association. Our specialized programs are also included in this division. The private detection services program includes, Secure School/Campus, Secure Industry, and Secure Domicile. The Integrated K-9 Team program provides for the training and maintenance of handlers and their canines.

About the Breeder / Trainer

Tomás IrizarryTomas Irizarry is the breeder / Trainer for Winstar Nightwatch Kennel. He has loved dogs since he was old enough to know what they were. It was not until 1987, however, that he began breeding his line of German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans. It was at that time when he named his breeding line Winstar. During his breeding career he educated himself with trainers, other breeders, books and videos, until he developed a science based system for caring for his bitches and raising his puppies. His dogs participated in competitions and won titles for their beauty and temperament.

As time passed, he developed a combined system for obedience training utilizing motivational techniques. This system is based on clear communication, positive reinforcement and minimal corrections to build drive and reduce stress.

During all those years, his passion was always the working dog. He loved their strength, natural aggressiveness, intelligence and loyalty. He understood the importance of well behaved dogs but he also understood the need for protection.

He went on to develop skills in training dogs for protection. While in this field he saw the Belgian Malinois. He was impressed with their speed, stamina and intelligence. He saw the potential role they could play in law enforcement as patrol dogs, detection, tracking and search and rescue. He did the research and dedicated himself to learn more and more about this breed. At the same time he participated in numerous seminars on techniques for bite training, training puppies in Ring Sports exercises, and more recently becoming a certified trainer for detection dogs.

He had the idea for Winstar Nightwatch Kennel. When he got together with Dr. Ada I. Rivera, the idea became a reality. Winstar Nightwatch Kennel, Inc. under the commercial name Winstarpr, dedicates itself to not only breeding a great line of working Malinois, but to also training them in obedience, protection and now detection under the commercial name of Winstarpr K-9.

The future is bright for this highly skilled, highly motivated breeder and trainer.


Winstarpr Cria Colegial...

Winstarpr in Cria Colegial Rumbo al Centenario

Winstar Nightwatch Kennel recently participated in the Cria Colegial Rumbo al Centenario activity that took place on March 5, 2011 on the premises of the University in Mayagüez.  

Written by Dra. Ada I. Rivera, Posted in Events



Is an infectious and contagious disease caused by Leptospires (spirochete bacteria) that infect many animals species and humans.

Written by Dr. Ricardo Marrero, Posted in Veterinary


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