Winstar Nightwatch Kennel, Inc. is a corporation constituted and certified by the State Department of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The corporation currently has two divisions. One operates under the commercial name Winstarpr. This division is dedicated to the breeding and sales of Belgian Malinois. It provides private training in basic / advanced obedience, and personal /area protection. It also provides animal identification with microchips and/or tattoos.

The second division operates under the commercial name Winstarpr K9. This division provides training and certification of canines in: narcotics, firearms, and explosives detection; tracking, and search and rescue. These services are certified by the American Working Dog Association. Our specialized programs are also included in this division. The private detection services program includes, Secure School/Campus, Secure Industry, and Secure Domicile. The Integrated K-9 Team program provides for the training and maintenance of handlers and their canines. The Identification of Animals program provides a tracking mechanism for animals with microchips and/or tattoos.



  1. Dog sales with and without training
  2. Training:
    • Basic obedience
    • Advanced obedience
  3. Protection:
    • Personal and Area
  4. Identification of animals / Program:
    • Microchip
    • Tattoo





Winstarpr K9

  1. Dog sales with and without training
  2. Training | Detection in:
    • Narcotics
    • Explosive
    • Accelerants
    • Firearms
  3. Tracking
  4. Search and Rescue:
    • Alive/Cadáver
  5. Programs:
    • Integrated K9 teams
    • Secure schools/campus
    • Industry/domicile
    • Search and Rescue